The entrepreneur’s journey

Why are shelves on top demand these days?

Where is the right place for your products? The pandemic changed the business habits of stacking goods on floor pallets because we thought the space would be vacant for the following products to fit in the next few minutes. The disturbance in the transportation systems via sea, air, and land push most businesses to order […]

The essential points to consider while buying from China?

We refer to the post “How to buy the product safely for my business?” which our readers appreciate, and we try to go deeper in the guiding. Regarding your small business profitability, having the products in your warehouse is not enough to boost your business. Maintaining supply is essential to keep your consumers engaged with […]

Saidhem, One supplier for a million products

Saidhem Company Limited serves Mauritian Businesses For Buying your products from china with Saidhem We provide businesses with: •          Product supply from China •          Buying small quantity to try your market ( Low MOQ) •          Pay safely Through banking •          Customization of the product as per your requirements •          Product inspection during the order and […]

Shamsun fans and blowers

Shamsun Centrifugal Blower “We care for how you receive your goods in your country. We use palleting and wrap to keep packaging fresh and protect the goods from humidity. Maybe it is the reason that our clients like to work with us.” Qays S Mohideen(General manager  at Saidhem) Centrifugal blowers suit ideally as an exhaust […]

Aluminum Composite Panel

Just aesthetically well is one, and durable and reliable is what follows. Advertobond ACP ( Aluminium Composite Panel) Saidhem earns a good reputation with its clients, and we know this because the orders keep repeating with thanks. We structure the production with our cooperating factory for ACP, one of the largest manufacturers in the north […]

The welder generator

How advantage will it be to carry your source of electricity with you to work? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” The welder generator You need to weld it, and you do not have a source of electricity, and we have the solution to get it welded. The Welder Generator MAXXER now provide you with […]

How to deal with supplier from China

The best way to buy from China China, the world wholesaler for large and small commodities, is the best place to procure products for your business. Though, have many steps to follow to get the product that we need that fits our business in terms of quality, price, and availability. Among the enormous benefits China […]

How to buy goods from China?

How to buy goods from China? It is no longer a secret that buying from China for most businesses is the most successful approach while considering global sourcing. However, it may be a complicated or confusing procedure for beginners and sometimes for old businesses, while the pandemic disruption brings many changes in how we buy […]

Customer Reviews

The satisfaction part of a business comes from the words of your client.  We are thankful to our client for the review of the product and service that Saidhem provides. Saidhem team aim at bringing choices to your business rather than removing you from your older suppliers. We respect our peers in the same field […]

Business as a passion

Why are you doing business? Is it because you want to make money, be your boss, or ditch the routine of a 9-to-5 lifestyle? And why not? These reasons are enough to make you start your new journey; after all, Entrepreneurship is classy these days.:) Many believe that starting a business in the first year […]

Am I buying safely from China?

How to buy the product safely for my business? You are a business person, and you are looking to get the right supplier for your business. You are aware that you are investing your saved money or even hard-earned capital in a supplier you may never have met face to face. You do not even […]

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