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Am I buying safely from China?

How to buy the product safely for my business?

You are a business person, and you are looking to get the right supplier for your business. You are aware that you are investing your saved money or even hard-earned capital in a supplier you may never have met face to face. You do not even know if their address is valid, their liabilities, compliance with governmental bodies, and many other factors that can make things rather stressful after arranging your deposit.

At Saidhem, we analyse many buyers’ and suppliers’ reactions towards their steps of building their business. And we found that many companies already made their deposit to the supplier and then contacted us to take our services to monitor their orders. In certain situations, we help prospects by indulging in the middle of order management to look where they can be victims of scamming or getting poor quality products based on how they negotiated with their suppliers. Looking at the situation, neither the suppliers nor the buyers are at fault; instead, the urgency of buying and selling creates this letting go because there is a lack of communication and guidance.

Saidhem advises buyers and digs deeper to know precisely how their market and business are doing before making clients invest their money. As we know, things are not keeping the usual rail in these disruptive situations. Stay aware of the market is essential.

After finding the logic we show them, most buyers learn how vulnerable they are to get a clash because the negotiations on price, quality and logistics are not clear enough. They find themselves as a hostage through their deposit.

We are always ready for the next move.

We grow our list of customers after opening their third eyes to buying from China. Having the proper communication and knowing the right questions to ask buyers is important to work out their product strategy based on what they expect to serve their consumers. By redefining their market segmentation, an ever-changing factor, we help them build the roadmap to bring the right product to market and increase their revenue.

Most of the manufacturers in China are busy enough with their routines to find time to sell directly to buyers. They choose to make their products go to market through comprehensive and responsible companies that can value their product through stable sales services, advice to channelling buyers to the right formula of successful business, and follow-up and after-sales support. Saidhem earns this reputation through the suppliers and buyers for a one-to-one approach with our clients.

We trust that the quality time given to our clients is more important than just selling more products.

We keep our attention on our clients.

 Welcome you to be on the list of our proud and successful clients and team.

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