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The essential points to consider while buying from China?

We refer to the post “How to buy the product safely for my business?” which our readers appreciate, and we try to go deeper in the guiding.

Regarding your small business profitability, having the products in your warehouse is not enough to boost your business. Maintaining supply is essential to keep your consumers engaged with your products.

The pandemic interrupts the continuous supply for most businesses globally, and the business environment is changing so rapidly that many buyers are facing issues while buying from China.

China is no longer a secret. Whether for small, medium or large cooperates, it is the world’s largest shopping mall for B2-B and B2C enterprises.

The question remains: How to buy from China safely and get your products as per your expectations?

Many of us think that a supplier’s online presence is enough to make business happen, while the more the web page is embellished, the more trust it creates in buyers.


We are a sourcing and Supplier for some countries with many customers who buy thousands of commodities. We can achieve such because we cooperate with more than 2800+ factories and suppliers in China to make trade possible for our clients.

We learned from experience many facets of suppliers. And we took time to build criteria and filters to find spammers and companies that enlist them as factories whereby they are just a shop.

Most businesses nowadays run to increase profitability by trying to crack the fantastic deal too good to be true and finally find themselves hostage or stay waiting for a long time.

Saidhem, One Supplier For a million products, is built with time and accuracy to efficiently manage your buying from China. To help you reduce your time lost on sourcing the right factories or suppliers, we created a long list of these factories to check their liabilities and compliance with regulatory bodies before placing every order. 

What are some crucial mistakes that buyers make while buying from china?

  • Buyers think that suppliers know what they are searching for
  • Buyers trust suppliers in haste and submit without asking for more details
  • Buyers look at the outer shape of products without asking about the running conditions of products or the lifetime of products
  • Buyers tend to arrange their payments or deposit the quickest under the pressure of price increase by the Supplier
  • Buyers do not make any written agreement of products specs or conditions of sales from the Supplier
  • The buyer holds only a sheet of the proforma invoice as evidence of sales
  • Buyers do not understand what  means shipping procedures and they accept the rules created by suppliers
  • Buyers keep hunting for the best price and ultimately get a too good deal that makes a rush to buy and eventually get spammed
  • Buyers are not able to check liabilities and compliance of suppliers
  • Buyers do not arrange any inspection of goods during production and before loading
  • Buyers tend to send payments to their bank account
  • The list is long; the most important is finding one you are neglecting to consider.

What quick check can you make on your Supplier?

  • Ask for complete details address, and whether office and factory are in the same area
  • Ask well for the port of loading that may help you check your cost to deliver goods to the warehouse
  • Ask about their certificate of incorporation so that you may find the investment capital of the company; whether the investment capital is less than the order you are making with them
  • Make your due diligence through web browsing to find out more details and map the business movement of your Supplier
  • Ask the Supplier to make clear all the negotiations on an agreement contract of sales, with terms and conditions of sales and after-sales support
  • Ask the Supplier to give a payment receipt upon receiving of deposit and final order
  • Keep a record of mail and conversation for all deals discussed during the ordering
  • Agreement on words is a little shattered together with the pandemic, may be sure to solidify your deal before engaging in payment

“Action is the foundation key to all success” – Pablo Picasso

Any help you may need while buying from China, our experts will enjoy bringing along ideas to you and listening to your experiences.

Get along; we are friendly style! Cheers

Saidhem- One Supplier for a million products

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