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Why are shelves on top demand these days?

Image showing man searching for the right place to keep stock goods.

Where is the right place for your products?

The pandemic changed the business habits of stacking goods on floor pallets because we thought the space would be vacant for the following products to fit in the next few minutes.

The disturbance in the transportation systems via sea, air, and land push most businesses to order more products for safe stock(Safety stock is an extra quantity of productordered and stored in the warehouse). And to reduce the higher cost of warehousing ( renting or buying more warehouse space), many companies are looking for ways to use their space by height comparatively to earlier, when they used the space by width.

Businesses are using warehouse sales more often, as going to mall shopping is becoming an alternative. On the other hand, most companies show their presence online, and the most used space for businesses is online and in the warehouse (for stacking and deliveries).

At Saidhem, we find increased demands in shelving systems for warehouse shelves and racks, displays for products in showrooms, and delivery lockers for building premises.

Let’s get a glance at the products that we are exporting:

Multi-purpose Rack

Shelves and racks that respond to your requirements. We can make it as per your warehouse or showroom area.

Gravity shelves for fully used space at height level, easy movement through goods and stacking at a labelled location.

Attic shelves help re-locate your office on the ground floor and work with your stock in front of you.

Attic Shelves provide ample space for warehouse sales and work under complete control for document processing and follow-up orders and deliveries.

Beam Type Shelves- these shelves are commonly used in warehouses fitted with a forklift; they are strongly built to hold products with heavy capacity at higher points. The frames will not lose balance even if the weight is concentrated on the upper part of the shelves because it uses beam-type fixation.

Fluent Shelves

These shelves are primarily used in businesses that master different commodities on continuous sales. The brackets give a slight degree of declination to allow the product at the back to roll on the roller affix on the bottom to be handled quickly.

Mobile Rack-

You are operating in a location where your renting is absorbing your profit, and you want to find the right solutions for stocking your products near your business.

Mobile racks solve this issue substantially because they allow you to use your space entirely.

The racks are built on a sliding rail; after loading the goods on the shelf, you may manoeuvre your rack to slide without leaving space between two racks. If you need products, you may move to the location to create the distance between the racks and retrieve your products as per your need.

The weight-lifter

The name says all. Your warehouse can not accommodate a forklift; things still can get done because you have the right rack to help you make it.

The weight-lifter does the lifting for you, built with a puller on a slider on top of the rack that can position your heavy cartons on the shelves without getting your warehouse keeper at rest the next day.

We have more solutions for your racking systems. We can customize as per your requirements.

We have some clients that hold stock of 10 years without knowing the existence of these products in their warehouse. And ten years after, the products are disposed of as obsolete goods that once it was holding significant value.

Analyze the reason for your stock goods or damaged packaging, and you may find that a proper warehousing solution can make you more money.

Image showing a warehouse keeper at easy steps to find the right location to shelve goods.

Business-owners hold a lot of ideas to make-up their working premises to reduce the time lost in finding goods and creating a more customer satisfaction concept while saving time for customers is a faculty in serving rightly.

Contact us to get together to think and plan what best suit your warehouse.

The space is yours, and the rack is ours.

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