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Shamsun fans and blowers

Shamsun Centrifugal Blower

“We care for how you receive your goods in your country. We use palleting and wrap to keep packaging fresh and protect the goods from humidity. Maybe it is the reason that our clients like to work with us.” Qays S Mohideen(General manager  at Saidhem)

Centrifugal blowers suit ideally as an exhaust fan for various industrial, commercial, and state-of-the-art ventilation applications.

Shamsun ventilating systems supply quality products that many clients place repeated orders due to their efficiency and high-quality copper motor.

Here are two models we usually supply in centrifugal blowers (Snail blowers).

Single inlet airflow centrifugal blower

Double inlet Centrifugal fan for airconditioning

The environment appropriate to operate Shamsun centrifugal blower

  • Outdoor use, considering a weather cover
  • Dusty environments consider using more powerful and fully copper wire motors due to the abrasive properties of heavy dust
  • Corrosive environment consider for stainless body material that may resist the humidity, acid or alkaline air

Contact us for more information as we know what will best suit your requirement.

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