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How to deal with supplier from China

The best way to buy from China

China, the world wholesaler for large and small commodities, is the best place to procure products for your business.

Though, have many steps to follow to get the product that we need that fits our business in terms of quality, price, and availability.

Among the enormous benefits China gives us while procuring, the price stays the primary reason we turn to china’s manufacturing and supply.

First of all, why should businesses consider selling China products?

The affordable price

China products are affordable because of the multi-reason that blend and create such outcomes; some of the facts are as follows:

  • Cost-effective logistics, because China the frequency of transportation are high that competitors keep working their price down to acquire more opportunities for new businesses and holding old customers to them
  • An automatic production line reduces the cost of manufacturing and saves time for both suppliers and buyers
  • Establishment of worldwide brands with China, involved in mass-production and lowering the cost of products
  • Exporting rebates or drawback from China government help in the indirect decrease of price and support business by providing lower price to the worldwide buyers

Price your need

China suppliers can provide you with goods for the price you want; that is, they start from the standard quality, and then you may propose the price your market accepts. However, stay cautious when negotiating because look-alikes will not make a product complete; the product features should be working. When you procure electronics from China at a lower price, you should expect misadventures when bargaining prices.

How do you buy from china suppliers?

Nowadays, where most countries restrict travelling due to the pandemic, travelling to order as per conventional way is considered a luxury that many business people cannot afford.

Still, where there is a will, there is a way. Online sales and technology bring the suppliers to you in your office. You can do great business through technology, and undoubtedly with all the risk attached to it.

Buying online is sometimes tricky and confusing due to a lack of communication and spammers taking chances to divert our attention and make us think we are getting the deal of the year.

Saidhem makes it easy for businesses to procure their products safely, flexibly, and transparently. We have a lot of evidence of our existence, customers working with us for years, and their business growth. Saidhem was built years ago with a devoted team that wanted to change how companies buy from China.

We support the client with market research, supplier audit, product inspection, pricing strategy, follow-up, aftersales services, and customer support.

How it works:

  1. Contact our company personnel ( sales department)
  2. Tell us about the product you want to inquire
  3. We give you a free quote, with images, catalogue, specifications, and prices
  4. You survey your market and find whether our price meets your demand
  5. We assist you with samples, first-time samples free, courier pay by the customer, and for our usual clients, we usually pay sample and courier to their destination.
  6. We make sure all details are well discussed before going into production
  7. We check products during production to ensure that all parts comply with the client’s demand.
  8. After production, we arrange freight booking per the client’s decision on the cost-effective shipping line.
  9. Follow-up of shipment to client destination port
  10. After-sales services to ensure all products are in good condition and client feedback for improvement.

Here is a risk list whether you are buying from other suppliers:

  • Language barriers
  • Fake products
  • Low-quality product supply vs stable quality
  • Allowances and warranties
  • Zero after-sales support ( hit and run business)
  • Spammers and fraudsters
  • False commitment
  • Keep clients, hostage, through their deposit
  • Delivery time of orders keeps extending

How to stay safe while buying from china?

  • Always arrange payment through a banking institution or Paypal, or other verified platform
  • For bulk orders, negotiate for a 30% deposit and balance payment against images and videos of your product
  • Secure your negotiation with contracts
  • See your terms of trade well before confirming an order
  • Discuss your volume of cargo and check your logistics for a quotation before ordering; this will help you stay in line with your cost
  • Request product inspection before arranging balance payment
  • Find a trusted supplier that you can rely on to follow up with you
  • Ensure your products are packed and wrapped in film to avoid moisture during transit.

Whether you are new or old buyers from China, new ways of trading pop up every day; stay updated with our newsletter and learn about buying from china effectively.

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