The entrepreneur’s journey

Business as a passion

Why are you doing business? Is it because you want to make money, be your boss, or ditch the routine of a 9-to-5 lifestyle?

And why not? These reasons are enough to make you start your new journey; after all, Entrepreneurship is classy these days.:)

Many believe that starting a business in the first year will jumpstart them to millions, if not billions; however, it is not the truth in most cases because we should first learn what it means to be a business owner. Many small businesses fail in their first year not because they are not giving the appropriate investment in terms of money and effort. Instead, they are in the business field, looking only at the rewards of a successful business without realizing the process to produce these outcomes.

What is the secret that makes businesses reach their height? We ask prospects about the reason for their investment and where their ideas come from, and in many cases, we get the same reply that others are finding success in doing this type of business, and they copy and paste to share the success.

So, what is the secret that makes businesses reach their height?

Simply, Passion.

Because business is a blending of emotional, physical and mental concepts, the only thing that can envelop these qualities is being passionate.

Starting a business is not the same as when you are a staff and already have your tasks ready in advance for you to execute. Owning a business is much more than following a routine. Most of the time, you should be standing as a leader, creating goals, vision, strategies, and initiating your people, depending on your steps or measures.

The three attitudes about how can passion leverage your business to success?

  • Motivation to persevere

Sometimes in business, we endure long days and nights to stay focused to make our effort pay off, and finally, at the end of the year, we find out that our rewards need to use for re-investment for furthering the business. It is where passion plays a role in keeping pushing up the business to grow.

  • To overcome your fear of failures

We are called a stakeholder because we fear failures when starting a business, and this title explains all the risks we will need to take and find the solution to solve these issues caused during the journey. Once you accept that failures are steps on the ladder of business success, your passion for the business will make you move forward to find light in upcoming events. Sometimes the fear of failure also may help you double-think before making a decision and learn more about your business capacities before indulging in an attractive environment.

  • From just making a sale to integrity in business

Without the passion for business, we all think about selling and driving more revenues which sometimes also drives clients away due to their insecurity that they may be your first customer or want to empty your warehouse from defective or unsold goods.

We usually use the word integrity in business by proclaiming our company build on integrity as the foundation pillar. And how many among us are genuinely observing our attitudes about honouring integrity?

Integrity in business gains value by providing solutions that can improve our clients’ lives by knowing that sales and revenues are the ultimate things to happen. Saidhem attaches high importance to integrity, and we brief our team on the importance of such impactful approaches to acquiring new prospects. We built Saidhem on the idea of a one-to-one approach and keeping our attention focused on requests and finding solutions even when it needs customization to solve problems for our clients. We see much success in developing highly positive responses from businesses.

And you?

We will be happy to hear from you and discuss how we can make your business look shinier.

We are always online, and its where anybody lives nowadays.:)

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