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600D Fabric for your manufacturing

What makes that difference with Saidhem?

600D fabrics are versatile and durable textile materials known for their high quality and wide range of applications. These fabrics are typically made from polyester and are favored for their strength, resistance to wear and tear, and water-repellent properties. Here’s a breakdown of their key characteristics and applications:


  • 600D refers to the fabric’s denier, a unit of measurement for the thickness of fibers. Higher denier numbers generally indicate stronger and more durable fabrics. 600D fabrics are considered to be of high quality due to their thickness and toughness.

PVC Coated:

  • Many 600D fabrics are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coated. This coating enhances the fabric’s waterproof and weather-resistant properties, making it suitable for outdoor applications. The PVC coating also adds a layer of protection against UV rays and abrasion.


  • 600D fabrics are available in various sizes, allowing for customization based on the intended use. Common sizes include rolls or sheets, typically ranging from 45 inches (114 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm) in width. The length can vary based on the supplier’s offerings.

Uses and Applications:

  • Bags and Backpacks: 600D fabrics are commonly used in the manufacturing of bags, backpacks, and luggage due to their strength and water-resistant features.
  • Outdoor Gear: Tents, awnings, and outdoor covers utilize 600D fabrics for their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Automotive Accessories: They are also employed for car seat covers and interiors, thanks to their durability.
  • Industrial Applications: 600D fabrics are used in various industrial settings, such as conveyor belts, protective clothing, and equipment covers, where strength and resistance to wear are essential.

Why Choose Siadhem for 600D Fabrics:

Siadhem has established itself as a trusted provider of 600D fabrics, setting itself apart through expertise gained in the textile industry since 2006. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals seeking reliable fabric solutions. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Industry Experience: With over 15 years of experience in the textile industry, Siadhem has developed an in-depth understanding of fabric requirements across various sectors.

  • Quality Assurance: We prioritize quality control, ensuring that our 600D fabrics meet industry standards and customer expectations.

  • Customization: We offer a wide range of 600D fabrics in different colors, finishes, and sizes to cater to diverse customer needs.

  • Innovation: Siadhem is committed to staying at the forefront of textile technology, regularly introducing new and improved 600D fabric options to meet the evolving demands of our clients.

  • Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory buying experience.

600D fabrics, known for their strength and versatility, are widely used in numerous industries. Siadhem’s expertise, quality control, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made it a reputable supplier in the field, making it the ideal choice for your 600D fabric needs.

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